About Us

State-of-the-Art Hockey and Skating Destination

Experience Warrior Ice Arena, the Boston Bruins training and practice facility that’s also available to the public. The 200′ x 85′ arena complex hosts college, high school, youth and amateur level hockey with seating for over 500 spectators. An immersive hospitality suite is available for corporate and institutional gatherings. Warrior Ice Arena features concession stands serving healthy food options and has limited parking available onsite.

The Bear

Warrior Ice Arena is the practice and training facility for the Boston Bruins but it is also open for recreational and community use.  When designing the third-floor lobby (concourse), we built a large display area to allow three brands to be joined by eye-catching display showing the partnership of Warrior, New Balance, and the Boston Bruins.  Fair Folk designed a literal representation of the three brands coming together in a life-sized sculpture of the Bruins bear logo using New Balance, Warrior, and Bruins items. The items are a mix of current and historical pieces from the three brands. Once the bear sculpture was finished, Fair Folk created a digital experience that lives on a website warrior.com/icearena where people can interact with sculptures items and learn more about each piece. Simply clicking/tapping on an item pulls up relevant information, videos, photos, and if applicable, an option to buy the item.

The Stick

Warrior Ice Arena is home to the third largest hockey stick in the world.  The 68 foot,  7,000-pound steel stick, constructed by Diamond Iron Works in Lawrence, Mass is visible from both Guest Street and the Massachusetts Turnpike.  Warrior Hockey is the preferred stick brand of 6-foot-9 Bruins captain Zdeno Chara as well as countless other NHL players.  Every August the stick is re-branded to show the newest product from Warrior.


Contact Us

Hockey Inquiries: Pete.Joyal@warrioricearena.com

Skating Inquiries: LearnToSkate@warrioricearena.com

Sponsorship/Ad Inquiries: Marketing@warrioricearena.com

Events/Other Inquiries: Events@warrioricearena.com

Hockey Equipment Donation Program

Help us recycle the game at WIA! We are proud to have this donation program and spread the love of the game every day. How does the program work?


Have old equipment that your kids have grown out of? Instead of throwing it away, bring it to us! We will evaluate and wash the gear for reuse.

Looking to try hockey for the first time? Before investing in a full set of gear, check out our donation pile!


We accept and offer both youth and adult sizes! Check out our donation inventory!  Appointment required, please email all inquiries to hockeydirector@warrioricearena.com.